Is Ben Affleck okay?

Jennifer Lopez's newly-rekindled boyfriend sparked health and relapse rumors after looking "different" out and about in Venice.

In Touch Weeklypublished a picture of the "Batman v Superman" star looking too exhausted and seemed to have lost a bit of weight.

The outlet described Affleck as looking tired, thin, and haggard.

Their source claims that the actor seems to be leading a double life, saying, "He certainly lights up for the cameras.

"But the guy in the tux smiling on the red carpet with no care in the world is not the real Ben. He is still haunted by his demons."

Relapse has reportedly been challenging for the "Gone Girl" actor, especially those close to him.

This is reportedly why he and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner have divorced, but it didn't stop the former "Alias" actress from stepping up and help him when he relapsed a few years ago.

Additionally, what Affleck's family and friends don't want to happen is to have another episode where he suffered and relapsed.

But it seems like succumbing to his demons is looming because the source said there are a lot of red flags at the moment.

According to the outlet's source, "He still gambles and is in contact with some old friends who could be considered shady."


Jennifer Lopez A Good Influence on Ben Affleck?

There might be a perfect reason why Ben Affleck is often seen with Jennifer Lopez, and that may be because the "Jenny From the Block" hitmaker is reportedly a good influence on her beau.

According to the same source, Affleck is "different around her" and is said to be thankful she returned to his life after more than ten years of being apart.

However, friends and those close to Affleck are warned that he looks more fragile than he seems these days.

"[Lopez] watched him hit rock bottom with the rest of the world, so some part of her must be worried it could happen again."

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The Truth About Ben Affleck's Relapse

One should take the outlet's report with a grain of salt.

It doesn't seem like Ben Affleck is on the verge of another relapse, especially after being busy promoting his newest films.

He also seems to be taking excellent care of himself these days, especially now that he's with the "Hustlers" actress.

But what is true is that Affleck may have lost weight; that may be due to one of the roles he is slated to portray.

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