Tom Cruise is reportedly heartbroken after Hayley Atwell cut their relationship off. Now, he's doing his best to win her back; what was the cause of their break up?

According to a report published by the National Enquirer, the actor has been feeling gloomy after Atwell abruptly cut their romance. The reason behind it is that the actress is not looking for anything serious at the moment, and "it's her fault, not his."

Despite assuring him that it wasn't his fault, an insider said Cruise wants to win her heart back by promising "all kinds of changes."

There are more to Atwell's reason as a source revealed that the actor's involvement with the church of Scientology, "ultra-paranoid lifestyle," and the big age gap were all red flags in the relationship.

The actress reportedly felt that they didn't have the same denominator. However, the two will continue seeing each other on the set of the future "Mission: Impossible" sequel, but the insider reveals their interaction is "horribly awkward."

Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell Issue Debunked

After the report circulated, Suggest debunked the claims, saying there are no major media outlets outside British tabloids, confirming that the two stars are indeed dating.

Aside from that, Cruise and Atwell have not publicly commented whether there's an ongoing romance between them or not.

The two personalities have been the center of false reports in the past; last month, Star published a separate report saying the actor is taking his love to the next level as both of them moved in the same home together while filming for the movie.

The rumored couple reportedly silenced the crew on set as an insider revealed that "nobody is allowed to talk about it," however, everyone knows they're in a relationship.

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In addition, Atwell seems to be getting along with Cruise's family as she reportedly has the blessing of the actor's family, as well as owning a key to his home.

The insider concluded their statement by saying the stars are "madly in love" and very compatible with each other.

However, the report was previously debunked because the sources aren't reliable. After all, Atwell and Cruise have not publicly confirmed their romance.

False reports about the two started circulating when they were spotted watching Wimbledon together, but most outlets did not mention that they were not alone.

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