"The Talk" staff are reportedly loving one of the newest hosts of the show.

Sheryl Underwood, who has been on the show for years, has recently been accused of mistreating producers and having tension with her co-hosts.

An insider told The Sun that the show's staff "love" Natalie Morales, welcomed on the show on Monday. However, the same can't be said about Underwood.

According to the insider, Underwood forbids producers to talk to her directly.

In fact, when the producers of the shows have any questions about their segments, these will have to go through Underwood's "personal" producer.

The insider alleged that the specific producer fields the questions and answers related to Underwood and communicates with each producer.

They went on to add, "This arrangement came from Sheryl after learning staff was complaining to HR that she was mean and combative to deal with."

Underwood has reportedly thought of protecting herself from possible claims by banning anyone from directly talking and dealing with her.

And the real reason this system works is that nobody really wants to deal with Underwood allegedly.

"The Talk" staff allegedly just don't know what to expect when they're required to put up with Underwood's antics.

However, Sheryl Underwood reportedly tries to get on the staff's good graces sometimes.

"To make up for being mean sometimes she buys tacos, chicken or BBQ food for everyone so she is thought of as nice."

Natalie Morales, The New Favorite 'The Talk' Host

"The Talk" staff are all reportedly in love with the 49-year-old former broadcaster after just being on the show for one week.

In fact, they love Morales more than Underwood.

One of the reasons she's instantly the favorite is that she is "warm and welcoming," and producers are welcome to speak and interact with her.

She reportedly doesn't have to "bribe" the staff with anything, such as sandwiches or snacks, because Morales is reportedly a genuinely lovely person.

"She is someone in the industry that no one has an unkind word to say about and that reputation is well deserved."

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Who Else Are Nice Hosts of 'The Talk?'

Elaine Welteroth, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Sharon Osbourne have all exited "The Talk," and most of the hosts on the show are all new, such as Amanda Kloots, Jerry O'Connell, and Akbar Gbajabiamila.

According to The Sun's source, "They are so nice to everyone and know the producers are there to make them look even better on live television."

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