Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed numerous deals and have been involved in several projects after they stepped down as senior royals last year. Although this may sound like working in their favor, a PR expert warned the couple about the way they do their strategies.

According to Express UK, the Sussex's Archwell Foundation has been accused of profiting off people's personal "compassion" stories. The move is reportedly using the public to fund their commercial ventures.

Their website has an access link that reads, "share your story for a chance to be featured. Tell us: what does compassion mean to you?"

In addition, the description is asking people whether they know someone from the community, which "actioned" compassion.

An article from Private Eye previously reported that for every submission of stories, there's terms and conditions section that says the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can benefit from it.

More recently, PR expert Eric Schiffer is warning the couple on the dangers of their "overly commericalized" strategies, deeming it as "deadly."

He mentioned that this move is another "clever way" of reaching out to the new generations like Gen Z and younger millennials.

"But in many ways, it's dangerous because it's getting to the point where it's borderline a department store mentality, where they're looking for every possible extension of how they can apply and monetise." Schiffer noted.

Furthermore, the PR expert reveals that the couple may be getting to the point where it could be "deadly from a brand perspective," because people will eventually question their true intentions.

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Per the outlet, the recent news comes as royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti said the Sussexes had a hard time stirring up interest after their New York City trip.

"Now they are not part of the working Royal Family it was fascinating to see them engage in that sort of fake royal tour." he noted.

The expert labeled the couple's trip as a "fake royal tour." He also noted that the pair went to NYC to film for their upcoming Netflix series.

In early reports, the couple signed a multi-million dollar contract with the streaming service. They aim to produce content that "informs but also gives hope."

Aside from that, the Duke and Duchess also have a project with Spotify that aims to produce podcasts.

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