Prior to the 2020 US Presidential Election, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry produced a video in which the couple essentially backed Joe Biden. A dig at Donald Trump was heard in the video when Prince Harry stated it was "time to not only reflect but act."

Years of occassional collaborations also allowed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to built up a close friendship with First Lady Jill Biden. Sources close to the royal couple told NBC royal journalist Neil Sean that the royal couple had hoped to build a deeper connection with the Bidens once they took up residence in the White House. 

This seems to be a wrong decision, implies the royal correspondent. 

"They put their eggs in one basket to try and make sure that President Biden won his Presidency." Mr. Sean observed of the two ex-royals. 

"You would have thought that would have meant a trip to the White House, which, according to a source is what the Sussex's had hoped. "

The British monarchy's appeal looks to be considerably greater than expected, which is unfortunate for them. 

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"We can look forward to President Biden coming to the United Kingdom not just to meet Her Majesty the Queen, but HRH Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge," the expert says.

A reliable source in California told him that this had not gone down well with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

"We all know Ms Markle is very keen to get her designer heels down at that famous desk at the White House, the expert says. if this does not happen now, Markle is likely to make sure it will in the very near future. 

The Duchess of Sussex has been tipped to run for public office after she and Prince Harry left the Royal Family in 2020.

Back in 2002, Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of Sussex urged American voters in the US election to "resist hate speech, disinformation, and online negativity" in a video that provoked allegations of breaching UK etiquette requiring political impartiality from royal members. They were criticized heavily for it. 

The pair urged Americans to exercise their right to vote in a Time 100 video statement in which Meghan dubbed the campaign for president the "most important election of our generation. 

The pair didn't give their support to any one contender but some have taken their words to mean they support Joe Biden over Donald Trump. More so because Markle was known to dislike or disapprove of the ex-President. 

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