Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell are co-stars in "Mission: Impossible 7," and the pair's breakup is reportedly causing tension and awkwardness behind the scenes of the production; is this true?

According to a report published by Star, the movie's set is not the same as before because everyone is reportedly uncomfortable.

Since the pair broke up during production, a source said upcoming shoots would be awkward, not just for the two but everyone on set.

Cruise is acting like everything is fine, but an insider claims that whenever he's around Atwell, his expression changes because "he's pretty crushed that she ended things."

The former couple dated for a year together, but their hectic schedules are getting in the way of their relationship. After the breakup, Cruise reportedly "took it very hard" as he was blindsided following the situation.

Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell Awkward On-Set Rumors Debunked

After the report was published, Suggest debunked the issue and pointed out several things that the report had missed.

First is the title; the story's headline was "Tom & Haley Awkward Exes." The actress' name was misspelled as her name is "Hayley."

The outlet also pointed out that the report was based on the Daily Mail UK's story about the pair announcing their breakup.

Furthermore, neither of the "Mission: Impossible" stars have confirmed that there's an ongoing romance between them. The report also mentioned a trip to Wimbledon without saying that they were not alone as there are other co-stars with them as well.

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Not The First Issue About Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell's Breakup

In a previous report published by the National Enquirer, Cruise was reportedly heartbroken after being cut off from Hayley Atwell's life, and he's doing his best to win her back.

The actor felt gloomy after the breakup, and the reason behind their split is that the actress isn't ready to commit and not looking for something serious at the moment.

Despite getting an assurance that it wasn't the actor's fault, Cruise reportedly insisted on winning her back by promising that he would change for the better.

Cruise's involvement with Scientology, their age gap, and his "ultra-paranoid" lifestyle also play a significant role in Atwell's decision to cut their romance abruptly.

However, the outlet also debunked the issue, saying the pair are just co-actors, and they never publicly confirmed their relationship.

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