Meghan McCain is giving fans further insight into the real reason why she left "The View."

After an excerpt from her audio memoir titled "Bad Republican" was released by Variety, a re-uploaded video from "The View" made rounds on Twitter showing the conservative host having a heated argument with Joy Behar.

In the clip, the two members of the panel can be seen arguing after McCain took maternity leave. When she got back on the show, she told Behar, "you missed me so much when I was on maternity leave, you missed me so much, you missed fighting with me."

To which Behar savagely responded with, "I did not, I did not miss you. Zero." (watch the full video below)

Following their short exchange of words, McCain is visibly upset about Behar's response as she labels her remarks as "nasty."

"That's like so nasty, I was teasing because you said something rude, like really?" She replied.

In the excerpt, McCain mentioned she was still getting her sea legs back and trying to adjust to her new schedule as she's trying to juggle between work and personal life as a mother by researching for her "hot topics" after breast pumping for her child.

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The conservative host noted that she's been doing interviews since she was 22 years old, and that was the first time someone had ever talked to her that way on camera.

Following their argument, McCain recalled how she sobbed uncontrollably during the commercial break and later vomited in her office.

"While I wept, I no longer felt safe working at 'The View,' It is one of the most singular feelings of loneliness and anguish I have felt in my entire life." she said in the biography. (via NBC Chicago)

Despite staying for months after her exchange with Behar, the Daily Mail UK columnist noted that her co-host's remark was her last straw that significantly impacted her decision to leave the show.

Aside from the issue mentioned above, McCain also said that "there's stuff that happens" shouldn't be allowed on the show.

"My take on the show is that working at "The View" brings out the worst in people. I believe that all the women and the staff are working under conditions where the culture is so fucked up, it feels like quicksand," she said.

At the time of this writing, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and the rest of the panel have not publicly responded to McCain's recent claims.

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