It seems like not everybody is happy that Natalie Morales joined "The Talk."

She has only been on the show for less than a month, but viewers of the long-running chat-fest hope Morales quiets down.

The 49-year-old former broadcaster joined "The Talk" on Oct. 11 and is currently in the panel with Sheryl Underwood, Amanda Kloots, Jerry O'Connell, and Akbar Gbajabiamila.

On "The Talk" official Facebook page, viewers slammed the new host for talking over other hosts during their discussions.

One comment said, "Natalie has taken over the show."

"'The Talk' should be called 'The Natalie Morales Show.' I don't like her!"

Another person agreed, "Can't stand Natalie Morales! Not the right fit for this show."

They suggested, "Go to 'The View' damn it! She's taking over."

According to one commenter, they don't like any of the hosts and think the show has been going downhill.

"Don't care one way or the other. Too fake."

Another said, "Natalie is great for the show, but not enough to keep us watching. We tried again once she came on board but when I saw the annoying Amanda and Jerry and the super loud Sheryl, it brought back PTSD lol. No more."

Another commented, "I like the diversity of women.but Natalie is taking over the show ...Dont think I will watch the show anymore they are treating Sheryl Underwood unfair."

They added how the show's executives believe Natalie Morales would be able to save the show but suggest, "They should put her in the middle because this is the 'Natalie Show.'"

While fans couldn't' help but rip Natalie Morales on "The Talk," others were just left frustrated with the show and the other hosts.

"Sheryl Underwood has to go. She is dragging the entire show down with her."

"The show just doesn't seem to work for me anymore. Everything always just feels so rehearsed/no spontaneity. Even the humor feels forced/fake."

They continued, "Jerry's humor is just so immature/middle school feel. It just distracts from any intelligent conversations. So sad that a program that I used to love has just become boring/mundane."

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Others Who Allegedly Don't Want Natalie Morales

News of Natalie Morales joining "The Talk" was reportedly a shock to co-host Sheryl Underwood.

In fact, the long-time host was reportedly blindsided by Morales' addition, with Underwood feeling she "should have been consulted and kept in the loop out of respect for her seniority with the show."

According to an insider who told The Sun, "There is so much hoopla surrounding Natalie and so much publicity and airtime devoted to her joining the show."

Natalie Morales on 'The Talk'

On Oct. 1, Natalie Morales announced she was leaving "Today Show" after two decades to work on something new.

Executive producers revealed in a statement that they're excited to have Morales on the show because of her "varied skillset and versatility."

She is also said to have been pushed as the savior of the troubled show and its roster of changing hosts.

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