This will be the second season of "Dancing with the Stars" that the ratings are horrible.

Season 30 is reportedly not getting the best ratings, and it has been alleged that the new host Tyra Banks is not to blame.

For the unversed, the "America's Next Top Model" host hasn't been getting some love from long-time viewers of the show as they believe she's too much and is hogging the spotlight for her gain.

However, according to In Touch, it's not Banks who's the cause of this declining viewership but one of its contestants.

According to the outlet, it's celebrity contestant Olivia Jade.

An insider revealed that people behind the hit ABC reality show competition didn't consider the consequences when they decided the College Admissions Scandal princess to be part of the show.

This is because her critics are still not over the scandal, despite her parents already serving prison time and paying the damages.

The insider said, "The college admissions scandal is too fresh in everyone's mind. It's no surprise ratings have sunk. 'DWTS' is in a free fall and there may be no way to stop it."

Olivia Jade Dating Her Pro Partner?

Olivia Jade, daughter of "Full House" actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, was forced to publicly address the rumors that she and her 'DWTS' partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, have started hooking up.

The influencer said that she and her partner are just friends and even added that he has a wife, Jenna Johnson.


The Tyra Disaster on 'DWTS'

Meanwhile, Tyra Banks is still one of the reasons "Dancing With the Stars" ratings are unacceptable.

Per the In Touch source, "Tyra is just not pulling off this Britney look at all. This is a disaster," with regards to the outfit the supermodel wore in one of the themes.

However, the biggest mistake is reportedly letting go of long-time hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

Per the source, "Their biggest mistake was firing the beloved Tom Bergeron last summer. Even Erin Andrews had a strong following."

"Producers underestimated Tom's connection to the audience and now he is having the last laugh."

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The Truth About The 'DWTS' and Olivia Jade Stories

One should take In Touch's report with a grain of salt.

Olivia Jade had already debunked the claim she was dating her dancing partner, but it's not confirmed whether the ratings are due to her being part of the show.

But one thing is for sure - fans are urging the show to bring back Bergeron and Andrews.

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