Social media is currently laughing at Kanye West and his bizarre, patchy, shaved haircut, which he debuted on Instagram.

The rapper, who was recently given the go signal of a judge to change his name officially to Ye, has shown off the new buzzcut that featured random triangles on his hair.


He even posed in a silver shirt and a chain necklace that spelled out his son's name, Saint.

On social media, the Yeezy mogul was at the center of insults and mockery.

One user wrote, "Barber: what you want? Ye: Patchwork."

Another user asked if his eight-year-old daughter North West did this to his hair, "Motherf------ let North cut his hair."

Another suggested that it wasn't North, the eldest child he shares with Kim Kardashian, but Edwards Scissorhands.

A fourth person said, "How I was coming out the house when I first learnt how to cut my own hair."

But Kanye West's new hairstyle didn't get all of the jokes and hate.

One superfan even said, "Deliberately doing this to your hair is one of the wildest things I've witnessed in my 21 years of life as a lifelong Kanye West fan."


But other social media users that perhaps the "Jesus Is King" rapper isn't setting the trend but is more than just-style.

According to Twitter user @MrsUbozor, "He may be mourning a loss."

She explained that the hairstyle is "the equivalent of wearing sackcloth and barring your hair with razor haphazardly like they do African women when their husband died. But that was so long ago."

Meanwhile, another Twitter user, @TheSpotlight365, thinks that perhaps the 43-year-old rapper is "stressed or ill."

"We won't laugh until we know what it is. It's not funny to us if it's health-related."

But others may have an excellent reason for Ye's weird hairstyle.

"Yoh wtf is going on with Kanye?" a Twitter user asked. But then @SbusisoMsane1 responded, "Divorce."

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Kanye West Wears Creepy Mask

Kanye West's new name and haircut aren't the only things putting him on the headlines these days.

A few days ago, while in Venice, he wore a very creepy prosthetic Caucasian mask.

And he didn't wear it just in Venice, but also around Europe and even on the cab ride home from JFK airport.

A social media user said, "That mask Kanye was wearing at that wedding is one of the most unsettling fire things I've seen in a while."

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