Meghan McCain made headlines after exposing the toxic work environment during her time on "The View." She revealed the last straw that made her leave the show in her latest audio biography titled "Bad Republican." More recently, her previous bosses in ABC are reportedly mad with the situation and calling her story false.

According to sources close to the production who spoke to TMZ, ABC executives are furious with McCain's bombshell claims as well as her recent interviews, as she was characterizing her former show as a "toxic work environment."

In addition, the conservative host was forced out of her position as a member of the panel after the media giant conducted an internal investigation into the environment she describes.

The outlet said the toxic workplace was, in fact, real, but it's the other way around as it was primarily due to McCain's behavior on and off the camera.

New ABC Chief Kim Godwin reportedly did an investigation in which she had meetings with key stakeholders of the show, including producers and talents.

After further analysis, she found out that McCain was the source of many of the in-fighting that happened throughout production. Godwin reportedly discussed and addressed the situation through an emergency Zoom meeting.

Furthermore, McCain was the instigator of the arguments as seen on TV, which was well-documented by the show.

Meghan McCain Lied About The Reason For Her Departure?

Insiders of the outlet did not reveal further details about the negotiations McCain had with the bosses, but they clarified that her exit wasn't her decision.

Sources mentioned that the conservative host's exit is long overdue. However, former ABC boss James Goldston didn't have the guts to fire her earlier because he allegedly feared a backlash from conservatives.

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How Is 'The View' After Meghan McCain's Exit?

After her exit, insiders said the mood on set is way better than before, and audiences can see it.

Aside from that, "The View's" ratings are steady as it remains at the number one spot on daytime television.

At the time of this writing, McCain has not publicly responded to the recent claims.

Meghan McCain's Bombshell Memoir

In early reports, the Daily Mail UK columnist gave an insight into the real reason why she left the show.

McCain said her last straw was when she had a heated argument with Joy Behar, in which she alleged that no one in the industry had done that to her ever since she started doing interviews at the age of 22.

In the broadcasted fight, McCain said Behar missed her so much when she was on maternity leave, "you missed fighting with me." she added.

However, Behar didn't take it lightly as she responded with, "I did not, I did not miss you. Zero."

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