More information is coming to light regarding the harrowing shooting accident in Alec Baldwin's movie "Rust," where it claimed the life of Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza. More recently, it has been revealed that co-star Jensen Ackles shared insight about the film's gun practices just days before the incident.

According to E! News, Ackles attended the "Supernatural" convention in Denver, Colorado, last October 16. He appeared on all 15 seasons of the show until it ended in 2020.

Talking to fans, the actor opened up about his experience on his role for the movie, which he will be starring in alongside Baldwin.

He mentioned that there's an armorer on set, a person who specializes in guns and firearm safety on a movie set, and that person taught him how to use a weapon for "Rust."

The armorer had him pick his gun for the scene, and he mentioned that the woman taught him how to load his prop gun and "make sure it's safe."

Following this, the armorer "put some blanks" in his firearm, and he wanted to; he was instructed to "fire off a couple rounds towards the hill."

To finish Ackles' story, he mentioned that the armorer reminded him to make sure that he knows how to "pull the hammer all the way back" and aim at his target.

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Alec Baldwin Breaks Silence Following Harrowing Accident

Hours after the accident, the actor took to his Twitter account to share his insights, saying he's still shocked and sad about what happened to Halyna Hutchins.

Baldwin said he's fully cooperating with authorities regarding the investigation, and he's currently in touch with Hutchin's husband. (read the full tweet below)

Hutchin's husband, Matthew Hutchins, also spoke about the situation, saying he has spoken with Baldwin and "he is being very supportive."

Shooting Accident On The Set of 'Rust'

In early reports, authorities revealed that Baldwin was the one who fired the prop gun on the movie set, which took the life of Hutchins and injured a director.

The director of cinematography was transported via a helicopter to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where she was pronounced dead because of her injuries.

Joel Souza, the director, was taken to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center via ambulance, and he's currently undergoing treatment for the injuries he sustained.

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