Yesterday was Halloween, and Hollywood came out to play! All of the stars of your favorite TV shows and movies hit the town in their costumified regalia for this 2021 Halloweekend. Suffice it to say, we were impressed. Here are eight celebrity costumes that really blew us away this year.

1. Doja Cat - Sara Bellum

 The music phenom, Doja Cat, blew us all away in her Sara Bellum costume. This incredible costume based on the character from the iconically original Power Puff Girls cartoon is really one of the best we have seen. While in the show we never see Sara Bellum's face, we are going to have a hard time getting this amazoing Doja cat-eye out of our heads.

2. Ariana Grande - Audrey

 The pop stars came out to play! Ariana Grande, paying homage to her musical theater roots, costumed herself as Audrey from the murderous-plant musical, Little Shop of Horrors. She dressed as the quirky female lead while her husband, Dalton Gomez, dressed as Seymour. Incredible job!

3. Anna Kendrick - Devil in a Blue Jumpsuit

While we love to laud the people that went all out in the costume department, we are also captivated by those that went for comfy over cos-play. Anna Kendrick, photographed here with some other stars of Pitch Perfect, dressed as a "Devil with a Blue Sweatsuit On", which is a unique brand of Halloween style relatable. We feel you, Anna.

4. Rihanna - Gunna

 Is Rihanna ever not perfect? I'm seriously asking, becasue her 2021 Halloween costume was PERFECT. She dressed as the rapper Gunna, based on one of his IG posts. The attention to detail is absolutely INSANE! She even uses the same Instagram caption. Honestly, bow down to the Hallo-QUEEN!

5.Katy Perry - The Vaccine

 If there were an award for the most topical costume with the most commitment with a positive message that's also HILARIOUS, Katy Perry would win hands down. Everyone: SHE WENT DRESSED AS THE VACCINE! Is this not the most incredible thing you have ever seen? Move over Pfizer and Moderna: Katy & Perry is the way to go.

6. Beanie Feldstein - Blair

 Wakey wakey Upper East Siders! Beanie Feldstein is here, and she has a Blair costume that is sure to knock your socks off. She and her partner Bonnie Chance took on two of the most iconic New York City roles this Halloween. Hope this Halloweekend left them with lots of treats and very few tricks! XOXO, Gossip Girl. 

7. Jonah Hill - Minion

 Could we talk about Beanie's costume without seeing what her brother was wearing? That just wouldn't be right! Comfy, classic, and costumey! Jonah Hill and his partner Sarah Brady took on the holiday dressed as minions! Not only do their costumes look absolutely awesome, the two of them just look like they're having so much FUN!! We love to see it!

8.Steve Buscemi - HIMSELF?!???!

 If this isn't the ultimate flex, I'm not sure what is. This year for Halloween, Steve Buscemi dressed up as his character from 30 Rock dressed up as his "greetings fellow youths" moment. It's a costume inside a costume inside a costume. That can be used to describe Busemi's look AND the plot of Inception.

Those are just a few of the costumes that really blew us away this year! I can't wait to see what next year will have in store!