Brian Laundrie's cause of death has been assumed suicide, but the internet is not impressed by how the authorities continue to release statements without a supporting document.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported that Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt Hoffman told the law enforcement leaders over the weekend that Laundrie probably died by suicide. He implied that the fugitive went to the Carlton Reserve - where his body was found - and killed himself.

His statement came after the previous test to determine his cause of death returned inconclusive. With the authorities' new, unproved statement, people could not help but slam them for being ineffective.

Brian Laundrie's Case Full Of Assumptions

On Twitter, several users asked the authorities to stop giving conjectures on the case and work on development instead.

"Maybe @NPPDPoliceChief needs to stop "presuming" things since he and his team can't tell the difference between Roberta and Brian, and believes in miracles like Christopher Laundrie walking 15 minutes directly to Brian's belongings," one replied to Brian Entin's video.

"There has been no official confirmation that #brianlaundrie ended his own life. That is just an opinion/assumption at this point. This is also how misinformation unfortunately starts and then spreads like a wildfire," another added.

The first autopsy result came on the day the Florida police committed a human error when the officers mistook Laundrie for his mother a week after he disappeared.

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To explain what happened, North Port Police Department spokesman Josh Taylor said that they thought Laundrie was driving the family's Mustang on September 15. However, they eventually found out it was the fugitive's mother, Roberta.

Meanwhile, Laundrie family attorney revealed that the police told them the Sarasota County Medical Examiner could not find concrete information on the death of Gabby Petito's fiancé. With that, the authorities decided to send the remains to an anthropologist for further evaluation.

The authorities first identified that the skeletal remains found in the Carlton Reserve were those of Laundrie's through dental records. The medical examiner's office still has not detailed how they reached that conclusion.

Now that Laundrie is dead, experts started to fear that the case could end up becoming a cold case.

"The investigation could go on indefinitely," former Hillsborough County prosecutor Steven Capriati told local station WFLA. "If they go and decide Brian was responsible and there's no one else they can blame, then that's the end and the family will have to live with it and it's a tragic incident."

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