Brian Laundrie's case unceasingly stirs people's curiosity as more theories emerge while a new development is yet to be publicized.

Since the discovery of the skeletal human remains, authorities have been finding it hard to determine the fugitive's cause of death. However, talks about drug overdose and getting eaten by the alligators took over the spotlight since the authorities are still processing the remains for clearer results.

One expert, Dr. Erin Kimmerle, suggested that the authorities could have determined Laundrie's cause of death by examining the skeletal remains. A test could also prove whether he suffered from a drug overdose.

"If there is soft tissue available for toxicology that could be insightful in cases of drug overdose," he told The Sun. "But most likely the scene, evidence at the scene, and the skeletal injuries themselves will help lead to the cause of death."

But apart from the man's cause of death, people remain curious about how Laundrie potentially killed Petito before committing suicide - and it is highly likely that those happened after the fugitive left clues and evidence.

Did Brian Laundrie Commit Suicide After Killing Gabby Petito?

On Twitter, theories about how Laundrie showed creepy signs through his drawings and Pinterest account reemerged. Users revealed that the fugitive himself displayed worrying signs he could commit such horrendous events.

One quote-retweeted an article about Laundrie's mystery notebook and said, "Suggesting that # BrianLaundrie's drawings/art, likes on Pinterest or his reading list is evidence of an evil murderous mind is pretty ironic coming from ghouls who have followed & speculated on every aspect of what appears to be the murder/suicide of two young people."

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"Brian Laundrie's chilling pinterest art shows man self immolating as he walks towards another man in an apparent suicide attack," another added.

Brian Laundrie's Pinterest accounts also became under the spotlight as some posts that he shared and liked seemingly act as evidence of his crimes.

One of the twisted images he shared includes squirrels strangling each other below a faceless Jesus Christ who was being crucified. The post was reportedly shared before Petito was strangled to death.

The post also follows a series of disturbing images on his account, including skeletons and a bloodied woman.

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