Johnny Depp needed to let go of his beloved characters - Captain Jack Sparrow and Gellert Grindelwald - after losing his wife-beater case against The Sun.

With that said, he lost two of his greatest franchises and was immediately replaced by different stars. For the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise, Mads Mikkelsen stepped up while the "Pirates of the Caribbean" reportedly chose Karen Gillan to create a female spinoff of the movie.

In the past months, talks about Dwayne Johnson replacing him for good emerged.

Dwayne Johnson Replacing Johnny Depp's Hit With "Jungle Cruise"?

Most internet users predicted that "Jungle Cruise" could perfectly replace "Pirates of the Caribbean" as the franchise noticeably recreated several scenes from the hit series.

Multiple news outlets also noted how the two franchises' plots, themes, and storytelling are identical. With that, Disney could easily hail Johnson and "Jungle Cruise" as its new game-changers.

However, Depp's fans are not buying that.

On Twitter, users insisted the actor would and could never be replaced by anyone. Some fans even mentioned what the actor had already done to his fans that no celebrity had ever made yet.


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"Rewatching Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. My willabeth heart. LETS GO THE BEST INTRODUCTION OF ONE OF THE BEST FICTIONAL CHARACTERS IN FILM HISTORY, CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW SAVVY. THE MUSIC. and that some people actually think johnny depp can be replaced as captain jack sparrow," another continuously said.

Their comments came after Depp's co-star, Kevin McNally, said "Pirates of the Caribbean" would never happen without the original actor. During his "Decrypted" promotion, he told Express he never saw something negative in Depp, calling him a beautiful human being.

He then added he would love to play a different role with Depp as he also cannot imagine the franchise going on without him.

Meanwhile, years after the "We want JOHNNY DEPP back as CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW" petition emerged, another appeal surfaced. On's website, fans launched "Get Johnny Depp back into 'Pirates of the Caribbean" to make Disney realize how important the actor is in the franchise.

As of the writing, there is no confirmation whether Disney would try casting Depp again.

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