Power Book II: Ghost will be premiering on November 21st on Starz. The season, which exists within the confines of the Power universe, which was created by the incredible Courtney Kemp, continues the story of Tariq, played by Michael Rainey, navigates his way through life, fighting to save his family while also getting tangled up in a seemingly inescapable web of mayhem. Kemp, the show's creator, announced recently that she is taking her departure from Starz and moving over to Netflix. I got a chance to sit down with Michael Rainey, Alix Lapri, who plays Effie, and Gianni Paolo, who plays Brayden Weston, and discuss the powerful impact Courtney has had on their lives and on the show. 

The admiration the cast bears for Kemp is incontrovertible. In the words of Raimey, "She's the GOAT," which we all know is the highest form of praise a gen-z-zillenial can give. "She's inspired me in so many ways, it's actually insane. She's so powerful. I mean, she's a badass," Lapri expressed with admiration. Kemp has done wonders in creating this universe, establishing intelligent and complex female characters: the kind that are, unfortunately, not always seen in Hollywood. For this, and much more, Lapri founds her esteem. "Everytime I'm in a room with her I just watch. I watch the way that she talks to people, the way that she navigates everything...it truly inspires me. I just love the way that she's imagined this character of mine to be this powerful woman figure that doesn't need saving...It's really her just standing in her truth and owning everything and it's beautiful to watch." She is a sensation. 

Courtney Kemp Netflix Deal
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Courtney Kemp is not only an undeniable powerhouse. She is also an amazing person. "She really is the coolest person I know," Paolo exclaimed. "She changed my life, so I love courtney. Yeah, she's a genius. I mean, who else ...you can count on one hand who else has done what she's done. It speaks for itself." Only a genius could establish the nuanced, intricate world of power. However, Her genius alone does not define her. The cast thinks of her as both a brilliant world builder and kind, fun, and thoughtful person. Raimey reflected, "Man, I had endless nice moments with Courtney. This is an amazing moment. This was at the Raising Canaan event. I was partying, and I had [Fifty's champagne], I had it in my hand, and I turned around and I see Courtney Kemp and I'm like *face of terror*. She said 'No no, we're partying tonight, partying tonight. And then we just started dancing and turning up. It was great." The cast can attest that Kemp brings a level of joy and support to all that she does. 

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost

The care and nurturing that Kemp has put into every aspect of the show shines through in a well connected cast, flushed out characters, and well developed world. Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 premieres on Starz November 21st.