Britney is FREE! After an arduous legal battle surrounding her father's concervatorship over her life, Britney Spears finally has full jurisdiction over her own life. The Princess of Pop, remembered by all for her iconic, genereation defining hits in the early 2000s, took to Instagram to shed some light on the relief she feels now that this situation has officially been won in her favor. She went on camera saying:

Well let's see, I've been in the conservatorship for thirteen years...It's really a long time to be in a situation you don't want to be in. So I'm just grateful honestly for each day and being able to have the keys to my car, being able to be independent and feel like a woman, and owning an ATM card, seeing cash for the first time, being able to buy candles. It's the little things for us women but it makes a huge difference.

Spears goes on in the video to say that she is not a victim. She wants to help those who are struggling with disability or similar situations. In an empowering moment Spears says, "I hope my little story," but then corrects herself to powerfully state, "Hopefully my story will make an impact and make some changes." Watching the star on camera elect not to minimize what she has been through is an empowering example for people everywhere who are going through a hard time. Regardless of the hardship she has been through, she is not beaten down. She strives to be a beacon of light for others. Congratulations Britney!