Princess Diana's life is remembered through the now-critically-acclaimed film, "Spencer."

Amid the issues "The Crown" faces, Kristen Stewart's "Spencer" also disclosed untold stories about the royal members, especially Princess Diana.

In one part of the movie, Stewart - who plays the role of the Princess of Wales - talks to a palace chef and asks him, "Will they kill me, do you think?"

The disturbing question eventually led to conspiracy theories, with people alleging that Prince Charles was involved in the high-speed crash that killed the royal princess.

But to give people more idea about the question, Princess Diana's real-life chef sat down for an interview with The Post and discussed the statement about her car being tampered with to cause an accident.

The chef, Darren McGrady, recalled one instance where Princess Diana said a similar statement. According to him, she drove the princess to a gas station since she had second thoughts about driving herself alone.

"She joked: 'Watch the brakes, Darren. I think someone's been tampering with them,'" he recalled.

Although the Princess of Wales had such a terrifying thought, McGrady reportedly believed the official verdict of the official probe into her death, suggesting that the car crash was an accident.

According to the chef, there was no way there could be foul play. Instead of meddling with the car, a potential murderer could have easier things.

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Princess Diana's Death Explored

Although the movie and McGrady did not name the person Princess Diana was referring to, the conspiracy theories in the past decades pointed to Prince Charles as the main culprit.

In 2005, Pierre Mutz and Sir John Stevens launched an investigation by talking with the Paris police HQ. At that time, Mutz asked his companion why the senior policeman in Britain started investigating a simple accident.

However, little did the Préfet de Police know, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner wanted to conduct the most important investigation yet.

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"Because the central allegation I am investigating is that Her Majesty the Queen's husband conspired with MI6 to murder the most famous woman in the world," he said.

They dubbed the probe as Operation Paget, and they all looked into over 100 allegations of murderous conspiracies surrounding Princess Diana's death. Prince Charles was questioned due to Princess Diana's note she wrote in 1995. At that time, the princess said she would die through "brake failure and serious head injury" so he could marry their sons' former nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke.

In the end, the theory involving the Prince of Wales was proven false.

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