There hasn't been any news on the Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito case in a long time, and many people are wondering what's going on. 

Despite the fact that the fugitive's involvement in Gabby Petito's case has been ongoing for more than a month since his remains were discovered in a Florida park, News Nation Now journalist Brian Entin has confirmed that determining the fugitive's role in the investigation is ongoing.

In a tweet he posted a few days ago, Entin assured the people, "There isn't must - but here a few nuggets." 

"The FBI investigation is still open," he said. 

Because the FBI investigation is continuing, the North Port police district is apparently not publishing or sharing any footage. 

While the FBI determined that the 23-year-remains old's belonged to Laundrie based on his dental records, his formal autopsy or cause of death has yet to be revealed over a month later. 

The bank fraud case against Laundrie in Wyoming is also allegedly still "open and ongoing," according to Etin. 

According to the reporter, Laundrie's autopsy has already been finished and a death certificate has been issued, therefore federal prosecutors are planning to make a move in Wyoming to dismiss the case.

But, as of this writing, it hasn't happened. 

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People's Beliefs in Brian Laundrie's Guilt 

Many people on Reddit assume Brian Laundrie is guilty, despite the lack of actual proof and the fact that it is solely based on what is known. 

Acrobatic North 6232, a Redditor, feels Laundrie "lost his shit and choked her and beat her" and didn't want to murder Gabby Petito but "formed intent at the time and things went too far."

Petito died as a result of strangling, according to a coroner.

"We do have proof of multiple things," Redditor AmyNY6 claimed, despite the fact that there is no further proof that Laundrie killed Petito. 

"He drove Gabby's vehicle back home alone, therefore he knew he left her there," she said, citing the following statements. 

"Because she wasn't with him, he used her credit/debit cards without her consent." 

She added, "He let no one know her whereabouts when he returned home without her."

"So the minute he couldn't find her or contact her (IF he isn't her killer, he should have contacted authorities before he even put her keys in the ignition of her van."

Penrod_Pooch explained that if Laundrie was innocent, "he wouldn't have taken the money and fled." 

He went on to say, "Even if he killed her in self-defense or on accident in a scuffle, at some point, remorse would have outweighed the fear. If he'd come forward within a few days and acted remorsefully, it would have been easier to defend him."

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