Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have been married for years now, but it seems like the former doesn't trust the people around her husband whenever she's not around as she reportedly gave him a curfew; is this true?

According to a report published by OK! Magazine, women can get pretty aggressive when they meet the "Aquaman" star as he gets hits on every time he goes out.

Bonet is reportedly worried because her husband is gone for most of the year to film his movies. An insider mentioned that she laid down some rules for the actor that he has to follow.

The source said the actress wants her husband to be home "by a certain hour," they also have to talk virtually to each other regularly.

Lastly, he has to answer her calls immediately or "have a very good reason why not."

Despite Bonet's behavior, the insider clarified that the couple's relationship remains "solid as a rock, and Lisa is happy that Jason's doing so well in his career."

However, the actress wants to be sure that he's not eyeing other women aside from her.

Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet Relationship Issue Debunked

After the report circulated online, Suggest debunked the claims by saying the story was based on sexism as it emasculates the actor.

They mentioned that the report made Momoa a pushover around his wife.

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In addition, before the report was published, the actor suffered from COVID-19, meaning he wasn't filming and not going out as he needed to recover from the virus for a few weeks, making the story false because of its wrong timing.

Furthermore, the outlet pointed out the story's inaccuracy as they didn't portray their relationship well.

Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet's Relationship

Per the outlet, the couple first met at a jazz club in New York City in 2005. Rumors started swirling in the past that they had been married for years, but they actually tied the knot in 2017.

They share two children named Lola and Nakao-Wolf.

In a previous interview, Momoa mentioned that he has been a fan of Bonet since he was eight when he saw her on TV, telling his mother that he "wants that one."

"I'm like, 'I'm going to stalk you for the rest of my life and I'm going to get you," he said.

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