Brian Laundrie found allies as more people continued to insist that he was the victim of domestic violence all along.

Before the Petito-Laundrie case began, police in Moab, Utah, encountered the two near the entrance of Arches National Park. In a body cam video that has since been publicized, Petito admitted she "punched" her fiancé in the arm when she saw law enforcement turn their lights on behind them.

During the questioning following a 911 call, the late YouTuber revealed Laundrie truly hit her just like what the witnesses said. However, she clarified she slapped him first as he kept on telling her to be silent.

Unfortunately, Laundrie was seemingly the last person Petito was with before she went missing and died. As a result, people insisted that she killed his fiancée before taking his own life weeks after.

But some internet sleuths now maintained that the fugitive probably became a victim of domestic violence and only defended himself during the potential altercation.

Brian Laundrie Should Be Freed, Per Sleuths

On Twitter, several users said Laundrie is innocent and only received all the blame because he is "a man."

One said, "Another terrible take. If the roles were reversed & Gabby fled days after being the victim of a domestic assault, everyone would be calling her stunning & brave & nobody would care what happened to Brian. But since it's a man, he "obviously" murdered her. Facts don't matter now."

"Unpopular opinion: Brian Laundrie was the victim. Gabby attacked him and he defended himself," another suggested. The same person said Petito was "bubbly and cute" in front of the camera but became a narcissist who was obsessed with fame behind the scenes.

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 The user went on to note that cops who responded on the scene believed that Laundrie was a victim of domestic violence, too.

For what it's worth, he told the authorities he was suffering from an anxiety disorder. He also revealed he had a prescription medicine but failed to take it before the Moab police pulled them aside.

This might explain why a 23-year-old grown-up man continued to live with his parents.

Laundrie's skeletal remains were found nearly a month since he went missing. The authorities only found his remains, a bag, and a wet notebook in the Carlton Reserve.

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