Prince Charles could not help but feel annoyed with his son, Prince Harry.

As a future King, Prince Charles does everything to ensure he gets enough spotlight before taking over the throne. The members of the royal family receive an equal opportunity to do that to ensure smooth-flowing processes within the monarchy.

However, Prince Charles' son, Prince Harry, broke that rule and stole his spotlight by releasing a bombshell statement.

In 2016, the Prince of Wales started the tour to promote better links with the place. However, royal experts who appeared on the recent "The Princes and the Press" noted how Prince Harry's statement in defense of Meghan Markle overshadowed Prince Charles' tour.

Royal author at the London Evening Standard, Robert Johnson, said that Prince Charles' Oman trip would have been the front page of several newspapers if Prince Harry had never released the statement.

"Harry releases this statement about the press and their treatment of Meghan, of course that then has to be page one," Jobson said, as quoted by Insider. "[Prince Charles was left thinking], 'I thought I was going to be on page one, that was the deal.'"

His comments resonated with Sky News royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills' statement, saying Prince Harry's move was a "big no-no in the royal family." She revealed that a royal member should never do anything that could overshadow another royal's tour.

When the Duke of Sussex confirmed he was dating Meghan, it completely pushed Prince Charles out of the spotlight.

Prince Charles Annoyed Because of That

In a recent episode of Us Weekly's "Royally Us" podcast, Jonathan Sacerdotti expressed the Prince of Wales' fury when it happened.

According to the commentator, the royal households traditionally coordinate things like that whenever someone in the family is on tour. In that way, no one would knock a more important event off the newspapers' front page.

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"But in that case they has interviews saying that despite promising Prince Charles a splash on the frontpage, the journalist found the story was bumped and he was annoyed by that because Harry has released this bombshell criticism of the media," he said, as quoted by Express.

Despite the blunder, Sacerdotti noted that it was a sign that royal households only proved they are not always working perfectly at all.

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