There are now going to be TWO One Day adaptations, because Netflix just ordered another version of the bestselling novel by David Nicholl, this one as a series. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

"This series follows Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew catching up the same day each year after they first meet at university in 1988 and watching how they grow and change, move together and apart, experience joy and heartbreak."

The original adaptation of One Day was a film starring Anne Hathaway, made in 2011. The film did poorly with both audiences and critics, earning 49% and 36% on Rotten Tomatoes in the respective categories. This series would be another chance to do the concept right.

Aside from that, Netflix U.K. also ordered four other series to begin rounding out their content from across the pond; Now joining shows like The Crown and Sex Education are the series Supacell, Eric, Kaos, and The F*ck It Bucket.

Nearly all of these stories have some bent of fantasy or magical realism to them; Supacell follows a group of six random people who all begin to develop strange powers, though they have nothing in common other than being Black; Eric is about a father who teams up with the monster under his missing son's bed in order to discover what happened to him; and Kaos is a modern retelling of the Greek myths centered on a small group of humans who were prophesied to take down Zeus himself. The only outlier, The F*ck It Bucket, is the story of a teenage girl recovering from anorexia trying to get everything she possibly can out of what's left of her childhood.

Netflix U.K. is clearly excited to be able to expand their offerings and work more with UK production teams. Anne Mensah, their VP of series programming, says that "to be able to add such a variety of new titles to our slate, knowing there is more to come, is really a testament to the strength and artistic confidence of the British television industry."