Brian Laundrie's parents are reportedly moving on with their lives.

A massive "For Sale By Owner" sign was spotted outside their North Port home where Chris and Roberta Laundrie lived with their son, Brian, and his girlfriend, Gabby Petito.

The New York Post first reported that the home was built in 1991 and had three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

In 1992, they built a screened enclosure on the porch and a swimming pool.

The house is said to be worth $250,000.

This comes after internet sleuths claimed that Brian's gun is hidden under a flowerbed in their backyard after his suicide was confirmed.

The Laundries moving out has been widely covered already, but according to WFLA host JB Biunno, someone put the sign in their house, and they aren't really moving out.

"It's a hoax. Sign is not there," the reporter said in a tweet.

He further confirmed that their family attorney, Steve Bertolino, said that Brian Laundrie's parents are not selling their home.

Social media users are outraged by the "sick" people who did it.

@rchbteem tweeted, "Someone put the sign there, probably in the night. That's stupid because of the cameras in the neighborhood."

@R_I_C_H_E_S also said, "The Laundrie's are NOT selling their home. I Reported last night that the For Sale Sign in front of their home was a HOAX! Do Better."

He also shamed the outlets who reported about the "fake news."

Meanwhile, other social media users do not believe that they are not moving out, especially since Steven Bertolino confirmed the news.

@lytuc20111 mocked, "I've always believed everything Steven Bertolino has said."

@ZetaNificent12 also said after it was confirmed that they aren't selling their home, "They are the most trustworthy family/attorney combo ever."

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Brian Laundrie's Parents Spotted

Meanwhile, while they strolled in the woods where Brian's remains were discovered, Chris and Roberta Laundrie were photographed for the first time since Brian's cause of death was determined.

A month after Brian's things were discovered in a white bag, The Sun got photos showing the pair walking at the Myakkatchee Creek Reservation.

They marched on the campsites, carrying a rucksack, where investigators and volunteers were searching the area for the missing Brian at the time.

Chris and Roberta allegedly spent three hours on their morning adventure before resurfacing and walking back to their car holding hands.

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