The public's perception of Brian Laundrie's parents is shifting now that they understand that while their actions and inactions may appear suspicious, they have just lost their son and there is no evidence that they assisted him in committing a crime.

Chris and Roberta Laundrie's family attorney said in a statement last week that they are still grieving the death of their son, Brian, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Some argue that the Laundries should be charged, while others say they should simply let it go and let them live in a Reddit conversation about what will happen next in the Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito case.

Redditor fernando3981 said, "I actually feel tremendous sympathy for the parents (and Cassie and her family). What should they have done? What could they have done? How would the outcome be any different? At the end of the day, they lost their son."

Another agreed, with leatanxietyforlunch asking, "what could/should they have done?"

"i think this depends on what they knew and when they knew it. we don't have all those facts yet so it would only be speculation to wonder whether they could have prevented him from getting the gun or turned himself into the authorities. they handled the PR issues badly but how badly is not known until we know what they knew."

Redditor Furberia suggested that people should leave Brian Laundrie's parents alone.

"It was essentially a murder suicide," she claims. There's also no proof that Brian Laundrie killed Gabby Petito but many people believe it was him because he was the last person who may have seen her alive.

He had also done some shady things that made people believe he did it.

The public has also been calling out authorities to charge Chris and Roberta Laundrie, but according to Lognipo, "What would they be charged with, exactly?"

"Brian was not wanted until after they told law enforcement where he had gone. Law enforcement even went over the area where Brian was, at their direction, but it was under water at the time."

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The public also believes that they withheld info, but there's no source for it.

"And once we establish the information they held back, which law did that violate?"

The Reddit commenter added, "I will never understand some peoples' utter lack of human compassion, incessant need to destroy others, and the wonton abandonment of anything approaching rational thought in pursuit of such."

Andromeda853 added, "You think that they (his parents) need to be charged with a murder sentence because gabby got murdered by their son presumably (as there has been no charge assigned to him, and even though i believe it was him, a belief means nothing here), where the case has no designated offender on paper responsible for the death? Moral dilemma does not equate to criminal charge in this case."

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