Alec Baldwin is responsible for the "Rust" shooting incident due to a negligent discharge, an expert insisted.

Amid the ongoing "Rust" investigation, Baldwin chose to come forward and share his side instead of an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos. He revealed in the candid discussion that he never fired the weapon; thus, he never felt responsible for the incident. The actor also clarified he only acted based on the script -- cocked the gun and let go of the hammer as directed without touching the trigger.

However, following his statement, an expert shared a different thought and revealed the actor made a negligent discharge even if he never really pulled the trigger.

Alec Baldwin Responsible For "Rust" Shooting?

In an interview with Fox News Digital, weapons armorer Bryan W. Carpenter explained how pulling the hammer back can still be considered a negligent discharge. Per the expert, the operator - Baldwin himself - did things to the gun while pointing it at the crowd.

"And if an operator is doing it, then they're in control of the weapon. And if they're cocking the hammer, they're in the two-part process of firing it. And if they slip and let the hammer fall down, that's still a negligent discharge," he said.

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He also noted that cocking the hammer back and releasing it can never be an error or misfire. Instead, it always takes a human hand to do all those things.

Carpenter assumed that the hammer slipped when Baldwin cocked it back. As a result, it fired a bullet and killed the movie's cinematographer.

What Could Have Happened To Alec Baldwin's Revolver?

During the same interview, firearms expert Tom Gresham revealed two instances that could have happened that led to the revolver to fire on its own without the actor pulling the trigger.

Per Gresham, there was probably a mechanical problem with the firearm, or Baldwin released the hammer before it was cocked fully.

"Several other things would have to go wrong for this to fire the gun. I rank this as beyond highly unlikely," he went on.

The Santa Fe Sheriff's Department currently waits for the results from the FBI to learn how the gun could have been misfired. However, Sheriff Adan Mendoza said guns do not go off on their own.

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