Remember - when TikTok started, it was an app called, where you could duet with some of your favorite singers and celebrities. It has evolved away from that over time, eventually becoming the comedic and informational powerhouse it is today.

A lot of the inspiration for the way TikTok works now - specifically the short, choppy nature of the videos - came from Vine. The six-second time limit on any given post meant that users had to get to the point fast, so they could only pack in the bare essentials. The result was doses of comedy so concentrated they almost leave you with whiplash - but, like, the good kind.

Sadly, because it failed to establish a business model that could support its content creators the way sites like YouTube have done, Vine shut down in 2016. You can still view some of the old content on the archived site, but the main way people get their Vine fix these days is through YouTube compilations. Here are the eight best ones we found - we'll let you know underneath the videos some of the famous vines that appear in them, so you know where your favorites are.

Gio Volpe Vines

Gio Volpe was an iconic Vine creator, but he was known best for his "Berries" videos, in which a little flower fairy disturbs the town - or the forest, we guess - as he goes on a search for some very specific berries he lost.

Said berries Vines are sprinkled throughout the video.

Just 15 Minutes of Solid Comedy - The Tru Vine Classics

"Stop! I could've dropped my croissant" starts this compilation off strong.

"What the f*** is up Kyle" hits just as hard at 0:12, directly followed by the Nickelback "look at this graph" vine that kills me every time I see it, which itself is followed by the oft-quoted "oh my god they were roommates." Our beloved Bo Burnham also makes an appearance at 0:41 - followed by the "Hurricane Tortilla" kid and the "road work" guy.

We're actually gonna stop there, because this one is so jam-packed with good Vines that if we named all of them it would take up half the article.

Clean Vines You Can Watch With Your Grandma

It's no secret that a lot of vines are not safe for all audiences - you never know when you're watching these compilations if one video is going to come up that will make Granny look at you differently. Except, that is, with this video, which has ben vetted for that express purpose.

This one hits you right away with the "not that kind of chip" vine and just keeps right on going. Other notable inclusions are "It Is Wednesday My Dudes" at 0:14, "he needs some milk" at 1:47, and, my personal favorite, the girl paper bag face girl at 3:48 - but those are not even nearly all the best ones.

Pronouncing Things Incorrectly

Chaz Smith started a MOVEMENT on vine when he began pronouncing things incorrectly (or, as he says, pra-NUN-sin things in-COR-ectly). Some people were affected years after the fact by the way he said Mucinex.

There are no specific videos to flag you on in this one - just be ready fort he fastest paced hilarity you've ever been exposed to. Seriously, it just doesn't stop.

Thomas Sanders Vines

Thomas Sanders INVENTED wholesome culture. The guy Narrating People's Lives did it so well that he became one of the most popular Vine users of all time. (Also, pretty sure that Vine at 0:59 reflects EXACTLY what Harry Potter fans were thinking around mid-2020...)

Vines of Little Kids Doing What Little Kids Do

Basically mostly failing to human properly - though some of these kids are humaning so well that it's hilarious.

Also, here are some of my own favorite little kid vines that sadly aren't mentioned in this video: Basically anything with Gavin, BatDad, the Freakin' Bats girl (who is also the "I smell like beef" baby, by the way, her name is Ava Ryan), the "look at all those chickens" girl and, of course, Knife Kid.

Bo Burnham Vines

For a long time, between what. and Make Happy, Vine was the best way to get Bo Burnham content - and, nothing like the content from his recent, award-winning Netflix special Inside, these videos are pretty much all lighthearted and silly. Most of them are actually just "tearable" visual puns.

More Wall-To-Wall Hits

You know how we eventually gave up on trying to tell you which famous vines were in that first video because there were so many of them? This one is literally all hits. There might be one that was not so Classic that it still gets refrenced in social circles and online to this day. There might be a couple of repeats, but honestly you probably won't even notice, they flow so well.

What, you wanted structure and organization to this list? On Way-Back Wednesday? HA! HA HA HA! HA!

See y'all next week.

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