Prince Andrew could wound Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family's public image again after a new photo of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Balmoral has been unearthed.

As both Prince Andrew and Maxwell's separate cases continue, more details about the trio's connection emerge. The information, however, could potentially bring down the royal family.

The US Department of Justice recently released the never-before-seen photographs of Epstein and Maxwell taking their time off at Queen Elizabeth II's Balmoral Estate in Scotland. The picture was assumed to have been taken in 1999 when the duo reportedly visited the estate with Prince Andrew.

Following the release of the new photographs, royal expert Robert Jobson revealed the event's tragic and saddening effects to the Queen.

"The lodge is so personal to her, she used to just escape there with her friends and ladies in waiting and just enjoy the Scottish hideaway, the photos are embarrassing and I would think upsetting for the Queen," Jobson said. "The photographs have been produced in court to show the closeness of their relationship. They look pretty cozy there as a couple."

The photo reportedly proved what people have been claiming about the long-existing friendship Prince Andrew had with Epstein. However, the Duke of York insisted they never had a close connection - but he still invited them to the Queen's places.

According to Jobson, Prince Andrew must had been pretty close to the two he invited them at Balmoral. The royal expert added, "you don't just put acquaintances there."

Did Queen Elizabeth II React To Photos Already?

While the photos pose a great threat against the royal family, Jobson revealed the Palace would not respond to the new development. Instead, they chose to leave anything related to the late convicted sex trafficker's case.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew remains connected with the royal family, although he stepped back from his public duties after suffering from backlash caused by the BBC crash interview in 2019.

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At that time, he tried clearing his name and his connections with Epstein. He also addressed the sex trafficking allegations brought by Virginia Giuffre - who currently fights Prince Andrew with a civil lawsuit in the US.

Prince Andrew's legal team has since hit back at Giuffre's claims by filing a 36-page motion in pursuit of making the court dismiss the US civil lawsuit his accuser submitted. They forwarded it on the last day of the court's deadline for the royal to answer Giuffre's filing.

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