The trailer for Adam Scott and Amy Poehler movie A.C.O.D (Adult Child of Divorce) is out now ahead of the Sundance film's Oct. 4 release.

The comedy-drama tells the story of Carter (Scott), an A.C.O.D, who is forced to revisit the ghost of his parents' divorce when the family comes together for his younger brother Trey's (Clark Duke) wedding.

Poehler plays Sondra, one year younger than Carter and wife No. 3 of his father, Hugh (Richard Jenkins). The role of Carter's mom, Melissa, is portrayed by Catherine O'Hara. Dr. Judith (Jane Lynch) is a scholar researching the effects of divorce on children who Carter mistakes for a therapist. She makes a definitive statement in the trailer saying that Carter's is the "least parented generation, ever." The trailer opens with a statistic suggesting that 54 percent of millenials suffer from A.C.O.D.

The film is directed by Stu Zicherman and Jessica Alba also stars in it.

Scott announced Thursday that he would be rolling out another installment of Greatest Event in Television at midnight Nov. 7 at midnight on the Adult Swim network. While we don't know which show will be targeted for his amusing mockumentary-styled remakes of opening credits, Vulture reported it might be the 1980s sitcom Too Close for Comfort.

Scott collaborated with Jon Hamm (Mad Men) on the last one, which was a shot-by-shot recreation of the opening credits of the 1990s television show Simon and Simon. Poehler starred with him in the remake of Hart to Hart's opening credits.

Sample the Scott and Hamm collaboration (with guest appearances by Paul Rudd, Megan Mullally, Jeff Probst, and Gus Van Sant).