Details surrounding Albert Manzo's allegedly cheating on wife Caroline Manzo were not discussed on the season 5 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey but will be addressed on the two-part reunion show.

Bravo released a sneak peek of part 1 of TRHONJ's reunion that will air on Sunday. In the clip, reunion host Andy Cohen asks Caroline questions submitted by home viewers.

Cohen told Caroline she "raised eyebrows" when she said it's safe to assume Albert cheated on her. Caroline then claims she would be "foolish" to assume Albert has never cheated during the course of their lengthy marriage.

"No, [let's] clarify. I'm 52, 53. If you think for a moment that in that he has been completely faithful in 32 years, I think it's a foolish way to think," she said.

Cohen asked Caroline if she ever asked her husband about the alleged infidelities. She replied, "Oh all the time."

The clip ends before she could share how Albert responded to the cheating rumors.

Caroline Manzo's Husband Cheating Details Not Included in 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 5 Finale 

The couple celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary in June. 

Caroline previously told Enstars she knows the chances of her husband not cheating are slim to none.

"I am very realistic when I look at life. All I said is that Al and I have been together since we were 18 and 19 years old, so I think the chances are pretty good that something happened along the lines in life," she said on July 12.

Caroline Manzo's Spin0off, 'Manzo'd With Children,' Gets Green Light to Film Pilot  

The Manzos received the green light to begin filming the pilot for their own reality show. Manzo'd With The Children will follow Caroline as the "ringleader of the crazy circus that is her Italian family," a source told Gossip Cop. The show will reportedly star Caroline and Albert, her sister Fran, and the couple's three children: Albie, Chris and Lauren.

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 5 Reunion Show Spoilers & PHOTOS

The TRHONJ two-part reunion show airs Sunday, Oct. 6, and Sunday, Oct. 13, at 8 p.m. ET. According to a statement from Bravo, the reunion special will feature "everyone's favorite Garden State ladies, along with visits from Joe Giudice, Joe Gorga and Kathy's sister, Rosie."

"[They] come together to discuss some of this season's most talked about moments," the statement read. 

Watch Caroline discuss her husband's alleged cheating rumors.