Since Wild 'N Out is renewed for another season, here's list of some celebrities who would be perfect guests for the upcoming season 6.

1) Eminem - Who better to compete in the show's "Wild Style" battle than Eminem? Despite his turbulent past with the show's host Nick Cannon, the rapper would be a perfect fit for the comedy improv show. Even Cannon agrees.

"I asked Eminem to do it," Cannon told Vibe magazine in July. "That'll be an amazing show. That'd be big for hip-hop."

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2) Drake - As one of the biggest names in the hip-hop world today, Drake is another rapper who would be exciting to watch on the show. It would also be funny to see what jokes the Wild 'N Out cast comes up with in regards to the Nothing Was The Same rapper and how he strikes back.

3) Chelsea Handler - While she may be an odd choice, Handler's sarcastic humor could make for a very comical episode.

It would also be great to see two more people return - Kevin Hart and Mariah Carey.

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4) Kevin Hart - The comedian appeared on the season 5 premiere of Wild 'N Out in July, and he was funnier than ever.

"I'm not coming out until you introduce me right. The contract says give me a proper introduction," he told Cannon who dissed him at the start of the episode.

5) Mariah Carey - After Cannon flirted with a Wild 'N Out girl as part of a game played on the show, his wife stormed on set angrily.

"I will shut all this sh-- down," Carey warned her husband.

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