Miley Cyrus suddenly has a surprise to connection to her former fiancée's latest film, Catching Fire.

In a new video from YouTube user twentyfirstrecords, The Arena put a Hunger Games spin on the young popstar's Wrecking Ball. Originally released in late August via RCA Records, the Bangerz single sped to No. 1 on the Billboard charts after the September release of its oft-parodied music video.

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Tiled Reaping Ball, The Arena's new lyrics cleverly twist the song to tell the story of Gale Hawthorne's (Liam Hemsworth) love for District 12's Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). Despite knowing her all his life, Gale gets pushed to the side when she stages a relationship with Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) in order to stay alive, a problem that the chorus now so eloquently depicts.

"They named him from a Reaping Ball/Now you're with him in the Capital/ And now every time you fake your love/ all you ever do is wreck me," The Arena sings.

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The new tune also carries a heavy dose of irony for its original creator. While Hemsworth's Gale pines after his favorite Tribute, some believe the original lyrics were penned as a response to Cyrus and Hemsworth's crumbling relationship.

Catching Fire is currently in theaters and Reaping Ball can be purchased on iTunes.