Kelly Clarkson's husband Brandon Blackstock responded to rumors that he not only cheated on the singer, but got another woman pregnant.

After two mystery women wrote letters to The claiming they had affairs with the music industry veteran, Blackstock fired back on Twitter.

One of Blackstock's followers wrote to him on the social media site, "@YouCantWin_1121: It's sad how low life's make up rumors about @BBlackstock," to which he responded, "But it make for great reading while on the sh-tter:) lol"

After another fan followed up with, "@BBlackstock @YouCantWin_1121 if only it was fake" he replied further, "No, me sh-tting is TRUE!"

An anonymous woman wrote a letter to claiming she has been cheating with Blackstock for the past five months. The website published the letter on Monday, Dec. 2.

"Brandon has been cheating on Kelly (with me)," the unidentified woman wrote. "We met at a golf club in TN and have exchanged multiple texts and hung out a few times over the last little while."

The woman claimed she has been intimate with Blackstock but they did not consummate their secret affair.

"We haven't slept together but we've been intimate in other ways," she revealed. "I really hope his wife keeps her eye on him because he's not the great man that she thinks he is."

A second woman has also come forward claiming to have an extramarital affair with the music executive. In her letter, posted on the same website on Dec. 4, she admitted to sleeping with Blackstock and claimed to be five months pregnant with his child.

"I have been involved with him as well - quite a bit more seriously than the other woman who shared her story with you the other day," the second mystery woman wrote. "There was an after-party at a club in LA after one of Blake's shows (or some kind of event/awards show) and Brandon was there. Keep in mind that this was after he divorced his first wife but while he was dating/engaged to Kelly.

"He approached a group of my friends and I and bought us drinks. We all went back to his hotel room...My friends left but I stayed behind and yes, we had sex that night. I'm also now (5 months) pregnant...I even asked him about Kelly and his reply was, 'She ain't gotta know. This kind of thing happens in this business all the time.' "

She then described him as "complete scum." She has decided to raise her unborn child alone and does not intend to seek child support.

"I just want him to be a man and take responsibility for the fact that he's got not one, but two children on the way and quit lying about his indiscretions," she added.

One commenter who responded to the letters may have been Clarkson, Enstars previously reported. The writer said her former assistant wrote the letter and called claims of Blackstock having an extramarital affair "absurd."

"The woman who posted this fictitious rumor about my husband use [sic] to be my personal assistant until I terminated her for trying to steal from me. This is absolutely absurd," the comment, rumored to be written by Clarkson, read.  "She even tried to impersonate me by soliciting funds using my name and created a fictitious website. This woman is just out for revenge."

A rep for Clarkson told Radar Online "We do not comment on our artists' personal lives." 

Clarkson announced her marriage to Blackstock via Twitter on Oct. 21, saying they had tied the knot the day before. Blackstock currently manages country singer and The Voice coach Blake Shelton. He is the son of famed music manager Narvel Blackstock, who manages Clarkson. His stepmother is country legend Reba McEntire. 

The Stronger singer revealed her pregnancy on the same social media network on Nov. 19.