Miley Cyrus could not take the stage at KISS 108's Jingle Ball in Boston because of weather conditions, but that did not prevent the radio station from claiming as if the singer was at the event the whole time.

Throughout the Dec. 14 showcase, KISS 108 reportedly ran segments stating the Wrecking Ball singer was stealing the show at the TD Bank Garden when she was in fact stuck in New York City.

One segment insisted "Miley's already twerking" while another announced, "She's about to go onstage and soundcheck. We'll bring it to you live."

"It's kind of surreal, like, when you're just walking backstage and you literally, like, bump into Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus or Fallout Boy," one DJ said. "They're all here."

The reporting was likely recorded beforehand or could have been taped at one of the other Jingle Ball concerts happening around the country. KISS 108 later admitted that Cyrus could not make it up to Beantown by calling her for an on-air interview. The station also sent out a tweet acknowledging the last-minute change in lineup.

Cyrus posted on Twitter all about her efforts to make it to Boston and how she failed to make it to the town.

"Trying to get to you Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!" she tweeted on Dec. 14, along with "Mechanical issues + bad weather = stuck in NYC and can't get to Boston for #KISS108JingleBall."

"As much as I've thoroughly enjoyed the Teterboro Airport I would REALLY love to be playing #jingleball #Boston," she also wrote.

When it was confirmed that she would not be able to make the Boston performance, she tweeted that same day a photo of her having drinks with friends and captioned the shot, "Cheers to BOSTON. Imma make it back to you April 2nd I PROMISE!!!!!"

The singer referred to her stop in Boston when she goes on her Bangerz U.S. tour. Icona Pop and Sky Ferreira will headline Cyrus' 38-day arena tour, which will kick off on Feb. 14 in Vancouver and end April 24 at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, N.Y. Click here for Bangerz tour dates.

Listen to a mix of the KISS 108 claims about Cyrus being in Boston along with the Q&A admitting that she was in fact in NYC.