Justin Bieber, Drake Bell Twitter Fight & War Rages as Singer Called 'Talentless,' His Friend Joins Drama and Defends Him

Drake Bell used Twiter as a forum to slam Justin Bieber on Wednesday, Jan. 15, for allegedly egging his neighbor's house late last week.

Police raided Bieber's Los Angeles home on Tuesday, Jan. 14, searching for evidence and video surveillance footage that could link him to the vandalism on Jan. 9. The singer's friend, rapper Lil Za, was arrested during the search and charged with felony drug possession after illegal substances were found in the house. 

Bieber, 19, was not charged with drug possession, but Bell, 27, accused him of owning the illegal drugs.

"Hey @justinbieber how much are you paying Lil Za to take the coke wrap for ya? Be a man and take responsibility. Learn to be an ADULT!" the Drake & Josh star tweeted, according to E! News. "@justinbieber instead of egging speeding around your neighborhood and defacing property like a little s--t you should practice your guitar!!"

Bell has since deleted the tweets. He later shared a picture of Bieber's graffiti art and tweeted, "When is someone going to tell this idiot he can't draw. His art is almost as bad as his music. Talentless artless."

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The All That Matters singer did not respond to the tweets, but his friend Milk Tyson did via his own Twitter account.

"@DrakeBell tweeted from the elephant bar in la Mirada. He's no longer there. They said his shift was over," he wrote. "Just want to talk @DrakeBell call me."

Bell replied, "haha actually just a quick bite after Disneyland...What do you do again?" Tyson fired back, "You sure seem to have a crush on jus you talk about him enough @DrakeBell stop being a bully bro it's a bad look. I don't twitter beef. Talk."

Bell replied, "um....not mad. just responding."

Tyson wrote back. "Blah blah blah I don't talk tough on twitter @DrakeBell & I do love my brother, that's why 1 day you'll answer for your bully s--t" and "Call me when you want to stop hiding behind a keyboard and talk like a man @DrakeBell."

The former Nickelodeon star then told Tyson, "um....nope not in love with him like you sorry."

Bell dissed Bieber in 2013 as well. On one occassion the TV star made fun of Bieber's height and said the singer has "the worst most insane fans in the world!!"

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