Big Sean released the video for Ashley, a song he wrote for his ex-girlfriend.

In the explicit clip, the rapper's ex plots to murder him. After he's violently attacked in a garage, Sean gets tied up and kidnapped by the ex and her new man. Sean ends up escaping before he's caught again and forced to dig his own grave.

"We let our imaginations run wild w/ this video, n I'm glad I got my acting on in it," Sean tweeted about the video on Satuday.

The rapper spoke about the dedicated song from his second album Hall Of Fame during an interview with Necole Bitchie last August.

"No matter what, I got love for her and I'm pretty sure she has love for me. That's like always gonna be there," Sean said.

"That's why I made sure I kept that song on this album after I did it and after we broke up she still deserves a beautiful song for her... Without her I would not be where I am at period."

However, Big Sean, who is now engaged to Glee actress Naya Rivera, made sure to clear one thing up about the love tune. 

"This was the 1st song I wrote for HOF 2 years ago and want to clarify that for anyone who may be hearing it just now and thinking it's new," he also tweeted on Saturday.

"We all know who I'm engaged to now and I couldn't be more happy that I found the perfect partner to share life w/."

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