Olympic figure skater Brian Boitano joined a live interview where he talked about coming out and revealed a bit of his dating history.

Brian Boitano Reveals He's Gay Before Olympics Begin

The figure skater spoke with Huffington Post in an interview posted on Wednesday, where he talked about the difficulty of making it public that he was gay.

"It was a big decision for me because I had always been out to my friends and family," Boitano said. "Everybody always knew so I didn't consider myself 'out' or 'in'...for a public person, I had a personal life, a private life, and I always kept that aspect of my life for people who were close to me."

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Boitano then went on to discuss his decision and why it was so difficult.

"I'm inherently a private person and I always kept that as a special side for my family and friends who knew me," Boitano said. "I think anyone can understand that when you're an athlete and you have other projects on your plate, you want to be known for your accomplishments. Being gay is just one aspect of who I am."

When asked about his current relationship status, Boitano is attempting to still keep that aspect of his life still private, though he did hint that he may have dated a man before he publicly came out. He mentioned that although his personal life is private, people were likely to assume that he would rather date a man than a woman.

"They never saw me with a girlfriend or anything like that so they probably assumed," Boitano said. "But they also probably assumed that I didn't want to talk about it and they really did respect that."