'Terminator 5' News: Batman vs. The Terminator Animated Short Features Striking Superhero Mashup VIDEO

A new animated short features a striking superhero mashup of Batman and the Terminator.

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The short, which is created by Mitchell Hammond, is set in 2029 Los Angeles. The clip begins by capturing the remains of the ravaged city with the Skynet cyborgs policing the space, as the the human survivors, who are led by John Connor, are seen trying to stave off the attacks and defend themselves. Batman is dressed in metallic head gear and is seen forging ahead in his Batmobile on some sort of combative mission. Toward the end he enters a sophisticated aerodome-styled cell, and addresses John Connor through a talking device. "You picking this up, John? My method worked," he says.

Both Batman and The Terminator have been in the news. The next installment in The Terminator franchise is about to begin production, as is Man of Steel 2 a.k.a Batman vs. Superman.

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The director of Terminator 5, Alan Taylor, had previously suggested that his inspirations for the reboot were derived from the Batman series.

Taylor spoke about how much he loved the first two films in the Terminator franchise.

"We all love the first two and I actually went back and watched them again and my respect level only went up for those first two," he said of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

The director went on to speak of a similar franchise being an inspiration for the fifth Terminator, suggesting that two films in the Batman franchise were "wonderful."

Terminator 5 is scheduled to release in July 2015.

Watch the animated short here:

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