It's been a bumpy road for Arizona and Callie on Grey's Anatomy, and it seems it will take a while for their relationship to ease up.

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Jessica Capshaw, who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins on the ABC show, spoke with TVLine and explained that the couple is trying to make the relationship work.

"It's the, 'If you build it, they will come' mentality. It's the absolute wish fulfillment. It's like, let's paint a picture of where we would be really happy and then let's hope we go there and then get really happy,'" she said. "They are making their way... But it's not uncomplicated."

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After her leg was amputated almost two years ago, Arizona's behavior shocked fans, especially the times she cheated on Callie.

Capshaw previously told the publication about what prompted the affair and explained that her character is seeking redemption.

"There was someone outside of her little world that actually thought she was, like, a hot little piece. Someone who didn't know her as the whole person she once was or the disabled person she is now. And then it was just a rabbit hole. And this season has been about her trying to figure out how to climb out of the rabbit hole," she said.

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