Pharrell Williams, United Nations Team Up to Raise Funds For #HappyDay, Here are our Top 5! [VIDEO] [EXCLUSIVE]


In celebration of the United Nations International Day of Happiness, Enstars has compiled the Top 10 Best Remakes of the only 2013 video that causes people to smile uncontrollably.

Pharrell Williams' Happy, the Oscar-nominated single and Despicable Me 2 soundtrack standout, became a household name soon after its release in November 2013. With children and parents alike grooving to the infectiously positive song, it comes as no surprise that it has remained No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 for the last four weeks.

Now, in an effort to raise funds to help uplift individuals and support humanitarian efforts worldwide, Williams and the United Nations have teamed up to create 24 Hours of Happiness. Depending on each specific time zone, roughly every hour a new video selection uploaded by a fan will be chosen to be featured on the website, by Pharrell Williams himself. Participants are also encouraged to donate to the Central Emergency Response Fund, which immediately supports those affected by natural disasters or armed conflict.

For those who cannot upload a video and want to join in the global movement, all that is required is the hashtag #HappyDay on any form of social media.

So if you need some inspiration, here are some great examples of how you can join in making the world a happier place, too.

Here are the Top 5 Remakes of Pharrell's Happy video, from

1) Placing in at number 1, is the Happy (Rio de Janeiro Carnival Edition), uploaded by Gareth Leonard. Just the scenery alone will blow you away. It may make you a bit jealous, just a warning.

2) For similar reasons, Happy ( WE ARE FROM DUBAI ) uploaded by MANY FRAMES is also at the top of our list. Like, these people live in Dubai. DUBAI. If you weren’t jealous of the scenery in the first entry, you will definitely be after watching this. Sorry.

3) WE ARE FROM PARIS #HAPPYDAY by Rohan Houssein is number three because of the people alone. Is everyone required to be extra cool in Paris? Apparently so. Plus, it also has over 1.7 million views, so there’s that.

4) Coming in at number 4 is “Happy (Howard University)” uploaded by The Happy Project TM. Whenever you can make your professor dance on film, you automatically win at life. There is no question.

5) Finally, Pharrell Williams surprised schoolgirls who made their own version of Happy as well. Get out your tissues, folks. The man is perfect.

Kudos to Pharrell for starting an international movement of joy and positivity. The world definitely needs it. Enjoy #HappyDay!

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