Miley Cyrus is continuing to take her wild on-stage behavior to a whole new level, this time spitting on her audience during a performance.

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The We Can't Stop star was at her concert in Tampa, Fla. on Thursday night where she was seen in a TMZ video spitting water all over her audience.

The video showed Cyrus in a red and silver corset-like outfit that showed off her shoulders and legs, when she stomped to the front of the stage with a bottle of water. She took a drink, but instead of swallowing, she then propelled the water back out of her mouth, letting it land on the crowd. She did this twice and then walked to another part of the stage where she said something unclear into the microphone. She then took another swig of water in her mouth which she spit out to the front of the audience again.

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The crowd did not seem to have an issue with this.

Cyrus appears to be having a fairly difficult time in Tampa, as she also posted a photo on her Twitter page of the nasty sunburn she's gotten while in the city.

On Thursday, she posted a photo of her chest that exposes her bikini tan line that blends with the rosy burn.

"Quick change today is gonna be a realllllllllll b---- #f---yeahtampa," the singer captioned for the picture.

Cyrus also put up another photo of herself in Tampa on Wednesday, which shows a bruise the singer had on her backside.

"#f---yeahtampa yasss that's a bruise on my arssss," she captioned.