13 Worst Things About Text Messaging in Memes, Gifs, and Videos [FUNNY]

Since the inception of the text message, communication has seemingly plummeted to an entirely new low. Gone are the days when people would wait by their house phones, or actually have to utilize their voices to talk to other human beings. Now, if you have any phone (smart or... dumb?), you can just write what you want to say without having to hear them whine or complain.

Not that reading texts are any more enjoyable. Text conversations come with their very own set of nuances that will annoy any sane person, just as much as telemarketers who are just doing their jobs. On December 3, 1992, the first text message was sent. Now, after more than two decades of using the SMS method of communication, Enstars has compiled the worst parts of the talking via text.


1) The read receipt.

For those of you who do not have use apple products, this feature allows users to see when a person has read their texts. Seems great, right? Yes, until someone reads your text and they decide not to respond. Bad things can happen when you ignore someone. You've been warned.

2) The ellipses of eternity.

This is also an iPhone only problem... excuse us—feature—that shows users when the person they are texting is typing. So, if you are in an intense text conversation, and you don't have your response together, draft it in notes before you type it in your messenger. It will save you a lot of rushed responses.

3) Droid to iPhone interaction.

Only because messages are prettier when they are blue. That, and your inability to see emojis, and to make GOOD DECISIONS IN LIFE.

Just kidding.

4) Misinterpretation of someone's tone.

"Good job on your presentation," could be taken one of two ways, depending on whether or not you know the person who sent you that message. But, if you did a bad job and you were a sweaty mess with clammy hands and no eye-contact, well then... This could be the meanest person you know. Texting while sarcastic is a hazard.

5) Auto correct.

Sometimes, you have to type a name that is no where near normal or in a dictionary. Other times, you press send to fast and your autocorrect completely changes the word you intended to use. Either way, it's never a good situation.


It's that annoying, it must be mentioned twice.

7) Screenshots.

Ah, the gift and the curse. On one hand, it's great for story sharing between close friends, so you don't have to describe how annoying your boyfriend was last night. But, on the other hand, whatever you say (or send) is at someone's disposal FOREVER. Or, until they lose their phone. When in doubt, just say...

8) Group chats.

Group chats are a great thing, when you aren't busy at work, with your family, driving, answering emails, minding your business, on Instagram, or doing anything else that requires 2 percent of your concentration. So, pretty much only on your lunch break. Every other Wednesday.

9) Social Media Courtesy.

These days, people rarely do or think anything without posting it to social media. But, if you are in the middle of a text conversation, and you decide to post instead of respond, it can be considered a rude thing to do.

10) Having actual conversations via text with anyone over 65.

No offense to anyone, but because we are the generation that made texting what it is today, the generations before are still learning how to use it. Sometimes, it can be frustrating, but in some situations... It can be worse when the student becomes the teacher. Ellen Degeneres provides a perfect example.

11) Overusing emoticons.

Emojis can be slightly annoying, if you decide to use 27 of the same one. Unless it is absolutely necessary, use 1-3 so friends will not be confused as to what your actual emotional state is. On the other hand, emojis can be used in an extremely creative manner, that is actually epic. See example, below.

12) Texting while walking.

This may be hard to believe, but texting while walking is a national concern, as many have been injured because they never look up. Texting while driving is absolutely dangerous and unacceptable at this point. But, if you can't multitask, you probably should not text while you walk either. Improv Everywhere came up with their own solution.

13) The time in between texts.

 Nothing is more annoying than waiting for a person to text you back. Whether it's your friend before you are heading out to a party, your family member who is supposed to meet you for dinner, or your significant other. Comedian Aziz Ansari has the perfect description of why texting while dating is the worst thing... ever.

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