Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been one of the most talked about ex-couples lately, and the buzz is about to become stronger now that the two are reportedly headed to Cannes Film Festival.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Birthday Chatter

On Thursday, MTV reported that the former Twilight stars are going to make an appearance at the festival in France next month to promote their latest films -- Pattinson's Maps to the Stars and Stewart's Clouds of Sils Maria.

Other actors who are set to show up to the event include Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling.

Kristen Stewart Poses For Chanel

Despite the ex-couple attending the same event, it's doubtful that anything will happen if they run into each other based on a report from Hollywood Life. According to a source, Pattinson is ready to cut the cord with Stewart.

"They were definitely in love, but the relationship has run its course and he is ready to move on," the source said about Pattinson.

"Even though they split a while ago, he thinks she is super-needy," the source added. "They got dogs together, but they're fine just being with her. He doesn't need to stop by to see them or talk to them over the phone. They're just...dogs."

While Pattinson is supposedly willing to cut his ex out of his life, the insider mentioned that the actor does not wish any harm or bad wishes upon Stewart.

"He wishes her the best, but he's interested in being single and working and living his life- end of story," the insider said.