Two and a Half Men is reportedly going to have its final season next year with a possible appearance from its former star.

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On Wednesday, CBS president Nina Tassler announced that the sitcom will be going off the air after next season ends. And apparently, it won't be just one episode. It will be a "season-long finale event," Tassler said, in a story published on Hollywood Life. The show's creator Chuck Lorre is reportedly looking forward to how the series will end.

"He's very psyched about this," Tassler said about Lorre. "He's got some great ideas in store and some very big surprises."

Angus T. Jones Disses Series?

Some might be hoping that Charlie Sheen will come back in the last episode or sometime in the last season, and according to Tassler, no one knows yet if that will happen.

"I would like to see whatever Chuck would like to," Tassler said. "Chuck knows his show better than me...he has a lot of surprises in store, I don't know if that's one of them."

As noted in to The Hollywood Reporter, this show is the longest-running comedy on broadcast TV. This series was also famous for the controversy that was taking place with Sheen, who was fired after a public feud with the creator.

Former star Angus T. Jones also had a reported mishap after calling the show "filth" and called himself a "paid hypocrite." He also told people to stop watching the series.

Two and a Half Men airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.