An insider has confirmed that Prince Harry and his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, have no chance at getting back together.

Prince Harry Taking Cressida Bonas On Romantic Getaway? 

Despite reports that circulate and say the royal and the 25-year-old blonde bombshell are reigniting their relationship, an insider told E! News that it's absolutely not happening.

"Harry's completely ruled out any hope of a reconciliation now -- it's over for good. As much as they had fun together, she was becoming too jealous when Harry did enjoy nights out with friends. She was constantly worrying about whether he was cheating."

Kate Middleton Tells Prince Harry To Break Up With Cressida Bonas?

One woman Bonas was particularly jealous of was Prince Harry's ex, Chelsy Davy, who reportedly kept making her way into Prince Harry's life. It doesn't look like she's going away anytime soon.

The same insider added, "His continuing friendship with Chelsy Davy also played a part. Chelsy was far more fun than Cressida on a night out and it seems like he's looking for somebody more like Chelsy now."

Apparently Prince Harry is #teamfun and didn't mind having a hangover after a night on the town while Bonas "was too square for that."

The source also said that while Prince Harry is creeping up on 30 years old, he didn't want to stay with Bonas just for the sake of being with someone; a perspective that Bonas never saw coming from her boyfriend of more than two years.

"Cressida spent over a year not knowing whether she was ready for a life as a royal. Then she finally gives in and starts talking marriage with all of the gang, and we thought they were heading that way, only for Harry to have a huge change of heart. It must have really hurt her."

But good news for Bonas, she just scored her first movie role in the upcoming film Tulip Fever.

This might be a good distraction from her love life.