It looks as though Ramona Singer and the rest of the Real Housewives of New York crew will be taking a back seat because rumor has it that someone who is not on the cast full-time will be getting their own spinoff show. According to a new report, Bravo executives want to take Aviva Drescher's father, 76-year-old George Teichner and give him his own spotlight on a new show.

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There's speculation that Teichner's spinoff show will focus on his May-December relationship with his 25-year-old fiancée, Dana Lavette Cody.

"Even though the current season of RHONY is a ratings flop, the breakout stars are Aviva's dad, and Lavette," a source tells Radar Online. "Fans have very strong reactions to both of them as individuals, and of course as a couple. Dana's show doesn't have a working title yet, but will begin filming at the end of August."

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And it looks as though Aviva is on board with the plans, as she's even hinted in the past that she wouldn't mind seeing her father's fiancé join the Real Housewives of New York cast as well.

"They were just in Europe together, and before they went to Europe they stayed with me in my apartment. My kids love my new future stepmother," Aviva said. "You know, I would love to see my father's fiancé join the cast. I think she would be really interesting."

Cody has also recently insisted that despite the age difference between her and Teichner, she's not a gold digger and that their relationship is based on true love.

"George and I love each other and it's quite rare that you find a cultural and age difference and people can still find peace and happiness with themselves and each other," Cody told Bravo's The Dish. "This is not a gold digger situation. I love him, he loves me."

"He respects my past and what I've been through. He nurtures me. He respects my past and what I've been through," Cody added.