Prince Harry takes a break from getting attention for his public split with Cressida Bonas to do a little good for the community.

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The royal ended his South American trip and stopped by the Chile's Fundacion Amigos de Jesus Center Sunday and brought good spirits to children and young adults who cope with mental and physical disabilities. The party boy danced it up in a different way this time to none other than Katy Perry's up-tempo pop song Firework.

Prince Harry certainly took the hearts of several children, especially a girl, Eileen, who handed him her personal collection of wooden toys and even a kiss on the cheek.

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In the touching video, Prince Harry joins a group of children as he claps along and dances to a choreography. He is smiling from ear to ear while he helps a young girl hold up an inspirational sign with the word, "Shine" on it.

The founder of the center, Gladys Ramirez, whose daughter has a disability, spoke out about working with the center.

"The most important thing has been giving dignity to these children. As a person from this community, I demand respect and dignity for my children."

Prince Harry also commended the workers for their service and said, "What you are doing here is absolutely amazing."

It's a good year for Prince Harry as he is also set to receive $30 million from his inheritance when he turns 30 this September.

Check out the video of Prince Harry's dance skills.