Jen Selter, one of Instagram's leading ladies, posted a new image of herself that might not only come off as sexy to her followers, but inspiring as well.

Jen Selter Gets A Tan Line In Sexy Image

The picture that was added on Wednesday shows Selter walking on the beach as she has one foot in front of the other. With her back toes pointed in the sand, she strides along in a bikini. A majority of her backside is exposed along with her muscular legs. She looks downward as her long dark hair flows down her back. The ocean waves come in as the sky is a mix of blue, orange and purple. Selter captioned the photo with a heartwarming message:

"Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear," she wrote.

Jen Selter Takes A Double Shot In Bikini PHOTO

Selter became a huge deal on Instagram with photos of her fit body. Working out is one of her trademarks as she tends to flaunt her chest, abs, legs and curavaceous behind. Another picture shows her at a pool in a white bikini as she sits on a towel and has a hand on her head, giving a model-like pose.

Another random image of Selter shows her from the chest down as her stomach muscles are exposed and she holds a weight in each hand. She captioned this photo, "Have you gotten your Monday workout in yet? Check out my FB page for fitness tips, motivation, and workouts! @iamfitmiss."

The model has almost four million followers on Instagram.

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