With The Purge: Anarchy hitting theaters on Friday, contents of the ending as well as the future of the horror franchise are now hitting the internet.

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The film picks up after the first film about a society where crime is at an all-time low and the economy is doing well, but for 12 hours of a single night each year there are no rules whatsoever. The wealthy reinforce the hatches of their state of the art security systems while everyone else is left to fend for themselves as best as they can in the midst of a free-for-all theft and murder spree, with no repercussions and no emergency services or law enforcement around to help.

In the first film, the story is centered on an upper-class family who find their home under siege after offering sanctuary to a victim of the mayhem happening outside their gates. In the sequel, there will be no expensive homes to wreck, just all-out chaos with nowhere safe to hide.

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Writer/director James DeMonaco recently spoke with ScreenCrush about the first film, some of the criticisms people had with it, and where he wanted to head for the third installment. Speaking on the criticisms, DeMonaco said that he improved on them in Anarchy.

"In the first one, these are people making money off of The Purge [by selling home security systems]. They're rich. It's a movie that exists in a gray area ... it's a morally ambiguous movie where this white family is tying up a black guy and trying to save their own skin," DeMonaco said. "Yeah, at the end they all realize what they're all doing, but it's never a movie where you're feeling real sympathy toward these people."

Concerning the next movie, DeMonaco already knows what angle and theme he wants to tackle. "I think the revolution and the government conspiracy angle, to me those are the seeds I planted that I want to take forward. And I love Frank Grillo's character, so I'm already getting pressure to get him involved and I love working with him."

He added that in the next movie, he would like to show more days outside The Purge. "I was thinking about that. In the next one, I'd like to show just a normal day," DeMonaco said. "Not just two hours before. Let's see people when they're not prepping for The Purge - like, to see reality in this world. Maybe it is different? Maybe people act different in a society where you know Purging is impending."